What's missing on this template site?

By 3kz3kz, on 24 May 2021 03:16
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Things that do not work, and consequent change requirements for Wikidot:

  • Next/Previous in section. We propose adding a 'parent' selector to NextPage and PreviousPage. Done
  • Show number of threads in a category. We propose %%children%% that provides number of child pages for current page. Done using CountPages.
  • Show most active threads at top. We propose orderBy = "dateCommentAsc|dateCommentDesc".
  • Show date and author of most recent reply comment. We propose %%comment_date%% and %%comment_author%%.
  • Show number of views for a thread. We propose %%views%%.
  • Sort sections into order. We propose to allow admins to rate pages to any value, so we can order by rating. Done manually, in section:_start, in any case needed so we could use CountPages, which does not work from inside ListPages.
  • Notifications per section. We propose to extend Watchers with parent = "pagename" which watches a parent page for all changes to child pages.
  • Watch this thread. We propose a button that watches / unwatches the current page. (Pro ticket 334)

All the new symbols should work both in ListPages and in _template.

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